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Official Modules

Legacy Legacy Supported
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Third Party Modules

Module Author User Modes Channel Modes Extended Bans Commands Function
m_bandetails Phoenix - - - - Allows you to restore an additional ban data after netsplit or whatever: the author of the ban and the timestamp.
m_banreason Om - - - - Allows you to specify reasons for bans
m_codepage Phoenix - - - CODEPAGE CODEPAGES SACODEPAGE Adds the support for different client character sets on the network.
m_exception Om - x - - Adds support for 'All round' exceptions, +b +k +i etc.
m_freeformadmin jackmcbarn - - - - Adds free-form text to the ADMIN command.
m_freeze Om - - - FREEZE Allows opers to "freeze" users, stopping them from using any commands.
m_hellban xptek - - - HELLBAN Allows opers to prevent a user from issuing the PRIVMSG and NOTICE commands only.
m_joinmodes jamie - - - - Set channel modes on JOIN.
m_nationalchars Phoenix - - - - Provides an ability for anyone on the server to have non-RFC1459 nicks.
m_operrequiresr Phoenix - - - - Restricts OPER command to registered (or particular) nicks, i.e. user must have +r mode (or additionally certain nick or be identified to a certain account on account-based services) to gain oper privileges.
m_operperms Om - - - OPERPERMS Adds a command for viewing an oper's permissions.
m_operprefix Phoenix - - - - Allows irc opers to be prefixed by certain char on a channel.
m_pretendserver Phoenix - - - PRETENDSERVER Allows opers to send raw text to client.
m_pretenduser Phoenix - - - PRETENDUSER Allows opers to send text as it was sent by definite user's client.
m_privdeaf xptek D - - - Allows users with +D set to block all private messages.
m_push jackmcbarn - - - PUSH A client version of the server-to-server PUSH command. It allows opered clients to send raw text to users.
m_reservednick Phoenix - - - - Prevents non-opers from changing nicks to the reserved nicks.
m_rmtkl Phoenix - - - rmtkl Allows oper to remove X-Lines by 3 masks.
m_rrd_stats superzach - - - - Generates pretty rrdtool graphs.
m_shun Om - - - SHUN Adds the /SHUN command. (1.1)
m_tracea webs - - - TRACEA Advanced /TRACE.
m_ulinekickonly jackmcbarn q - - - Adds support for Unreal-style umode +q (only u-lines can kick you).
m_whoismodes VaraiX - - - - Adds extra detail to WHOIS, such as the modes of the user.
m_xline_sql Phoenix - - - - Module that puts X-Lines into a SQL database with details.