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invisible module (InspIRCd-1.1 version)

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This module adds support for quiet (invisible) opers. A quiet oper is invisible to normal users on channels. This can be used for surveillence of botnet channels, statistics bots, etc. Note that other opers CAN see invisible opers; +Q only hides the oper from non-opers. Use with caution and use responsibly!
Configuration Tags
In 1.1 versions of InspIRCd, opers who can set this mode must have the canquiet flag in their oper type:
<type name="NetAdmin" canquiet="yes" ....>

Without this value, the +Q mode is not allowed for that oper type. This is an extra layer of security to prevent all opers using this feature on a whim.

This extra configuration value is not required in 1.2 versions of InspIRCd, because these versions allow a server administrator to restrict their opers' access to channel and user modes using <class:usermodes> and <class:chanmodes> restrictions, without need for any special value.

User mode +Q: Enable quiet mode. When an oper sets this mode, they will appear to part from all channels they are on. Any channels they join, part, or quit whilst on will not see their presence, however if you send text, set modes, get kicked etc these will be visible. You will be cloaked from WHOIS and WHO, ISON etc, for all but other opers.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
None. However, SAMODE, SAJOIN etc are recommended if you wish to make channel state changes without these changes revealing your presence.
Special Notes
At the time of this writing, if you have m_invisible loaded, Atheme will only link with InspIRCd if you set the allow_taint option in your atheme.conf. -- 11/29/2010

With great power comes great responsibility. When Brain originally wrote this module it was to fill a need, not affirm some point of view about privacy on the internet. (Which really doesn't exist if you are that knowledgeable about such things). You can abuse this module and you can use it responsibly, we hope that you choose the latter. This is one of the most controversial modules InspIRCd has and we have spent many nights arguing why it should remain available and why not. Generally, the nicer thing to do when using this module is to say in your message of the day (MOTD), that users can be monitored if a valid reason should arise (such as if someone reports to network staff that a channel has been created for the exchange of warez or child pornography). This module can prevent problems from happening before they start, it can drive away innocent users that wanted their privacy respected, and it can keep many a overworked InspIRCd developer up at night bickering about what the right thing to do is. T.T The point is we are not going to decide whether it's a good or bad module, it's going to stay for our love of filling a need to the user, and that's that.

Be careful of what actions you make while +Q. For example, if you use the CHGHOST or SETHOST command on yourself and the server has <options:cyclehosts> enabled, you will become visible on every channel you are in!

Furthermore, if you have services which can autovoice people when entering a channel (or some similar action tied to a user joining a channel), your "cover" may be blown when the service sets a mode on you. (As the services can see you are in the channel, whereas a bot on the channel or some other automated script will not be able to.)