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Extended Bans (extbans) are an extension of chmode +b (and sometimes +e and +I). In InspIRCd, they tend to match a mode letter and has the same effect as the mode except on specific users, instead of the whole channel.

List of Extbans

Extban Providing Module Effect
A:[[email protected]] m_allowinvite Denies matching users from using /INVITE
B:[[email protected]] m_blockcaps Disallows matching users from using ALL CAPS.
c:[[email protected]] m_blockcolor Blocks messages from matching users if they contain control codes.
C:[[email protected]] m_noctcp Blocks CTCPs from matching users.
j:[#channel] m_channelban Disallows users in a matching #channel from joining the channel.
m:[[email protected]] m_muteban Blocks messages to the channel from matching users.
M:[account] m_services_account Disallows accounts or registered nicks matching [account] from speaking.
N:[[email protected]] m_nonicks Disallows matching users from changing their nickname while in the channel.
O:[opertype] m_operinvex Bans/exempts/invex's the opertype matching in the configuration files.
p:[[email protected]] m_nopartmsg Hides part messages from matching users.
Q:[[email protected]] m_nokicks Disallows /KICK from matching users.
r:[gecos] m_gecosban Disallows users with a matching gecos (real name field) from joining the channel.
R:[account] m_services_account Disallows accounts or registered nicks matching [account] from joining.
s:[server] m_serverban Disallows users connected to [server] from joining the channel.
S:[[email protected]] m_stripcolor Strips control codes from messages matching users.
T:[[email protected]] m_nonotice Disallows NOTICEs from matching users to the channel.

[email protected] = [email protected]
Brackets in the examples above denote a variable; do not add them around the extban.