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The New Upcoming Windows UI

1.2 GUI architecture

In 1.2, the GUI for InspIRCd is separated from the daemon process as it was in 1.1, meaning that you don't have to keep the GUI open to keep your ircd running. Along with this, we now provide the facility for InspIRCd to run as a service on windows 2000, XP and Vista. Unlike many other windows IRC servers, you may still use the GUI to control an ircd which is running as a service, simply by connecting to it (connections are secured over named pipes, using the windows API). Beyond just the usual stop, start, rehash and shut down commands you'd expect, the GUI now features fully fledged statistics, performance and attack monitoring, and other features usually only found in commercial IRC software such as IRCXPro and ConferenceRoom.

The New 1.2 GUI, Sneak Peek

Everything now works on local and remote inspircd servers like it should, and as you would expect from any serious server application.

Main Window, connected to an ircd

This main window allows for connecting to remote machines to stop, start, restart, rehash or query their IRCd (so long as you have the correct privileges, of course!)

Newest gui mainwin.png

Statistical Data Summary

This summary gives distilled information about the server the GUI is connected to. Graphs are monitored using statistical analysis to determine any abnormal patterns which might indicate an attack against the server.


Configuration of Performance Monitoring

The values used to determine if alerts should be triggered are fully configurable via the UI.


Stats Graph #1

A statistical graph showing number of channels. As you can see from this graph, this particular IRCd has just been started.

Stats new1.png

Stats Graph #2

Another graph showing memory usage. Again, this IRC server has just been started so there is a visible jump up from zero.

Stats new2.png