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Extended Bans (extbans) are an extension of ban-matching modes (currently +beIw).

Matching Extbans

These bans extend the normal ban matching, usually by allowing other fields to be matched.

Extban Providing Module Effect
j:[state][#channel] m_channelban Matches users in a matching channel. If status is specified as in +#channel, just matches users with at least that access.
O:[opertype] m_operinvex Matches the opertype matching in the configuration files.
r:[gecos] m_gecosban Matches against gecos (real name field).
R:[account] m_services_account Matches accounts or registered nicks matching [account].
s:[server] m_serverban Matches against server name.
z:[fingerprint] m_sslmodes Matches against SSL client certificate fingerprint.

Acting Extbans

In InspIRCd, modes that restrict the channel in some way usually have an associated extban so that they can be applied only to specific users. These change the effect of the ban from preventing join to something else. They only work with the +b and +e modes.

Extban Providing Module Effect
A:[ban] m_allowinvite Denies matching users from using /INVITE
B:[ban] m_blockcaps Disallows matching users from using ALL CAPS.
c:[ban] m_blockcolor Blocks messages from matching users if they contain control codes.
C:[ban] m_noctcp Blocks CTCPs from matching users.
m:[ban] m_muteban Blocks messages to the channel from matching users.
N:[ban] m_nonicks Disallows matching users from changing their nickname while in the channel.
p:[ban] m_nopartmsg Hides part messages from matching users.
Q:[ban] m_nokicks Disallows /KICK from matching users.
S:[ban] m_stripcolor Strips control codes from messages matching users.
T:[ban] m_nonotice Disallows NOTICEs from matching users to the channel.

Brackets in the examples above denote a variable; do not add them around the extban.


  • +b foo*!*@* prevents anyone whose nick starts with "foo" from joining
  • +b m:Guest*!*@* allows people whose nick starts with "Guest" to join, but doesn't allow them to speak (without voice)
  • +I R:daniel allows people signed in to the account "daniel" to join when the channel is +i without an invite
  • +b c:r:*mirc* prevents people with "mirc" in their realname from using colors
  • +b N:j:+#wolf prevents people with voice or higher in #wolf from changing nicks