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Architecture/OS Specific


Does InspIRCd run under Windows?

InspIRCd runs natively on Windows. We provide an easy to use installer, which we recommend windows users use rather than compiling their own from the source.

Is there anything which is supported in linux, but not windows?

To our knowledge, no. There is a socket engine which is specific to windows, as there is one for linux (epoll).

Why are the modules in windows called .SO files and not .DLL?

This is simply for ease of documentation and to simplify our server protocol and commands, as the documentation is identical for windows and other platforms. The .SO files on windows are still .DLL files, the only difference being the file extension. You should not rename them to .DLL.

What compiler can i use to compile my own InspIRCd on windows?

We use CMake to generate project files for Visual Studio. You can use Visual Studio 2010 or any newer version. Building with Cygwin or MinGW is currently unsupported and untested in any way. Visual Studio can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft website.

My antivirus says InspIRCd is an 'irc bot' virus!

This is most likely a bug in your antivirus. We have found that certain antivirus products, especially those cheap and free ones given away at little or no cost by ISPs, detect all lesser known programs which listen or connect on IRC ports (read: everything but mirc) as an 'irc bot' or 'irc trojan'. If this is the case, consider upgrading to a better antivirus suite. If you are worried about getting viruses from open source software, please consider that the source is available - you are welcome to read it, and build your own copy. This would be a very difficult place for anyone to hide a virus, as the code is open for audit to all users. You are less likely to catch a virus from open source software than any other type of software.


Will InspIRCd run on AMD64?

Yes. No changes are required.

Will InspIRCd run on EM64T?

Yes. Again, no changes are required.


Will InspIRCd run on Solaris?

Yes. We have successfully compiled InspIRCd on solaris 10 (x86 and SPARC).

Does InspIRCd support Solaris 10 IO Completion Ports (IOCP)?

Yes, Solaris IOCP is fully supported as a socket engine where available.


Will InspIRCd run under NetBSD?

Yes. You will require the perl and gmake packages or equivalent builds from source. We have tested InspIRCd on NetBSD 2.0 on an i386 machine.

I cant do ./inspircd start under NetBSD!

Make sure perl is installed, and run it like this:

perl inspircd start

When i compile InspIRCd under NetBSD i get: "warning: argument to non-pointer type `int' from NULL"

These warnings are caused when you enable kqueue on NetBSD due to slight differences in the declarations between NetBSD and other BSD implementations. They are harmless and can be safely ignored.


Will InspIRCd run on OpenBSD?

Yes. We have successfully compiled InspIRCd on OpenBSD with GCC. Clang is not presently supported on OpenBSD due to some compilation errors.


Can InspIRCd run on Mac OS X?



Will InspIRCd run under VMWare?

If the OS used in the virtual machine is supported it could technically run but when tested (tested with VMWare Server 1.0.1 with FreeBSD 6.1 as guest and Windows as host) it was noted that VMWare is extremely bad at keeping the virtual system time correct, this means that InspIRCd will get desynch problems. The time drifted over 10 seconds in a minute and even with time syncing it was impossible to keep it accurate enough to not get severe desynch problems.

If you are using FreeBSD in your virtual machine, a method to solve above problem is to put "hint.apic.0.disabled=1" in "/boot/loader.conf"


What architectures do you routinely test InspIRCd on?

We test on x86 and AMD64/x86_64. Occasionally builds are also tested on ARM.