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How is IPv6 implemented in InspIRCd?

InspIRCd has native support for IPv6 connections providing the machine it is built on supports them.

How can i bind all addresses on both IPv6 and IPv4 for a port?

You can't do this with one bind tag. You should do something like this instead:

<bind address="" port="6667"> # Binds all IPv4 IPs on the server
<bind address="::" port="6667">          # Binds all IPv6 IPs on the server

Can an IPv6 user connect to an IPv4 address, or vice versa?

Only if you use 4in6 or 6in4. Use of these features is outside the scope of this FAQ, and you should read the correct manual pages for the systems you want to use. It is recommended that you do not use these systems where possible, and instead use native V4 and V6 IP address bindings.