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How do I link servers?

You must add link tags to your IRCd configuration file. There is a page on Linking To Other Servers on this wiki, and there are good examples of link blocks in the example Configuration file.

Can I link 1.0 Beta5 or below to 1.0 Beta6 or above?


Why can't I link 1.0 to 1.1?

The protocol was improved and changed between 1.0 and 1.1, which makes them largely incompatible.

I have a specific piece of third party software I want to interface with InspIRCd, such as services, what is supported?

For a complete list of what we know to work with InspIRCd, please look at our Supported Third Party Software list.

When I try and link two servers, I get an error 'registration timeout'

You are trying to connect a server to a client port. Please see our guide on Linking To Other Servers to find out how to link servers together.

Can InspIRCd work with anything else except IRCServices and Anope for services?

InspIRCd works with all products listed on our Supported Third Party Software page.