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When i start up InspIRCd, it has no features! i don't even have +a and +q modes or /silence!

By default, InspIRCd loads no modules. As every feature outside of RFC 1459 is actually a module, by loading no modules your ircd really won't do anything impressive. Load some modules and try again.

When i try to load a module i get: There was an error loading a module: Loader/Linker error: m_namehere.so: Undefined symbol "..."

This is due to your modules being older/newer than your core. type 'make clean' and rebuild your ircd again.

When i connect to my inspircd on the port i specified, i get something that looks like a webpage, or it just closes on me

Check that some other program is not listening on the port you specified.

When i run the ircd it bails and says it cant write /path/to/inspircd.pid

Edit your configuration file and check the pathnames you have specified are not the defaults from the example (which will NOT work without editing first)

I want to submit a module, how should i do it?

We are selective in which modules we include with the base distribution, however if you want us to look at your module then file a pull request.

How can i op myself/kick someone without being opped, when i'm opered?

You need to load the m_override.so module. Add the following to your Configuration:

<module name="m_override.so">

You must then restart or rehash your IRCd if it is currently running. Note that if you do this on a network the module must be loaded on all servers or the modechange may be reversed causing desyncs and all sorts of other nastiness.

When users connect inspircd never resolves their ident...

Ident lookups on InspIRCd are a module. You must load m_ident.so for ident lookups to function.