Installation From FreeBSD Ports

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Installing InspIRCd Through FreeBSD Ports

As of Friday, 1st December 2006, FreeBSD users can install InspIRCd via the ports tree (the FreeBSD software management system).

To install InspIRCd via the ports tree, simply issue the following commands:

cd /usr/ports/irc/inspircd
make install

Version of the package in FreeBSD Ports

The version of InspIRCd in FreeBSD Ports is: 1.1.19

Differences between the FreeBSD installed InspIRCd and a tarball installed InspIRCd

  • The tarball install installs InspIRCd locally under your username. the FreeBSD install installs InspIRCd globally, and installs it to a location where it may be launched by any user (/usr/local/bin) for their own local use.
  • The tarball install places your configuration files under (PREFIX)/conf, where (PREFIX) is usually in the form /home/username/inspircd. The FreeBSD install instead places your configuration files under /usr/local/etc/inspircd.
  • The FreeBSD install does not currently support any of the modules in extra/. These may be supported by the freebsd ports build of InspIRCd at a future date.

Locations of files in the FreeBSD installation

In the FreeBSD ports installation of InspIRCd, the locations of files are as follows:

  • Core system: /usr/local/bin/inspircd
  • Core shared objects: /usr/local/lib/inspircd
  • Modules: /usr/local/lib/inspircd/modules
  • Configuration: /usr/local/etc/inspircd