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This is the page for available LogTypes for InspIRCd's logging functionality.


Obviously this is for the type="" section of the log block of the Inspircd 1.2 inspircd.conf. To use a type, you'd do something like


To specifically disclude a type, you'd do something like:



Log type Description
m_spanningtree server linking info
* everything
USERS to be able to see user connections and disconnects and the like
CHANNELS to be able to see channel creations, joins and parts
(should be used together) to see everything users send and recieve to/from the server and other users...
WARNING: Uses a lot of diskspace and is VERY abusive
OPER to see every usage of the /oper command
KILL see all /kills that are done (along with reason)
SERVLINK more detailed server linking info than m_spanningtree provides, but if you load one, you should load the other
XLINE see when *lines are set, the reason and the duration
CONNECT see all connections (user and server connections, whether they fail or not)
DISCONNECT basically, the opposite of CONNECT :P
FLOOD see all notices that a user is flooding the server
LOADMODULE see all module loading and unloading