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blockcaps module (2.0 version)

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The CAPS blocker module blocks CAPS messages to channels with mode +B based on the config options described below.
Configuration Tags
  • <blockcaps:percent> - This defines how many percent CAPS must be present in the text the user sends before it's blocked. A setting of 85 will block AAAAAAAa (87 percent) but not AAAAa (80 percent)
  • <blockcaps:minlen> - The minimum length a line of text must be before CAPS-checking is done. A setting of 5 will block all lines of text longer than or equal to 5 chars meeting the percent of CAPS specified above.
  • <blockcaps:capsmap> - A list of chars to be considered CAPS, this way you can add CAPS for your language. Also you can add things like ! and space to further lock down on caps usage.
<blockcaps percent="50" 
Channel mode +B -- Set this mode to filter CAPS messages from your channel according to the settings above.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
Extended Ban B:[email protected] -- Set this on a [email protected] mask and it will block caps for that user (or users).
This module adds no extra commands.
Special Notes
The actual numeric sent when messages are blocked is the numeric 404. This is the same numeric used for 'Cannot send to this channel' although the string is different so many clients will display it correctly, the ones that do not will still react in an appropriate manner.