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callerid module (2.0 version)

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Provides the user mode +g and the ACCEPT command, which activate caller-ID mode for a user and provide a means of controlling accepted nicks.
Configuration Tags
<callerid maxaccepts="16" operoverride="no" tracknick="no" cooldown="60">
  • <callerid:maxaccepts> - The maximum number of nicks that can be on a user's accept list.
  • <callerid:operoverride> - Controls whether opers (ALL opers) can send messages to users that have mode +g set and do not have the oper on the accept list.
  • <callerid:tracknick> - Controls whether users that change their nick are tracked (remain on accept lists when changing nick).
  • <callerid:cooldown> - Minimum number of seconds between users receiving notifications of private messages (not the actual message) from users not on their accept list.
User mode +g: Prevents private messages from reaching the user unless the sender is on their accept list.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
/ACCEPT [+]<nick> { [, [+]<nick> ] }

Accepts private messages from the specified users.

/ACCEPT -<nick> { [, -<nick> ] }

Stops accepting private messages from the specified users.


Shows a list of users on your accept list.

Special Notes
The /ACCEPT command can be used to manage an accept list even without having mode +g set, so that when setting mode +g, an accept list will already be in place. Also, the ACCEPT command can process more than one instruction in a single command. For example, using a command such as "/ACCEPT nick1, +nick2, *, -nick3, -nick4" would add nick1 and nick2 to your accept list, display your accept list, and then remove nick3 and nick4 from your accept list.