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chanhistory module (2.0 version)

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This module provides channel owners with the option of showing newly joined users what has been said in a channel before they joined.
Configuration Tags
This module does not require any extra configuration, beyond the <module> tag to load it.
Channel mode +H: This channel mode takes two parameters, X and T. X is the amount of lines you wish to display to the newly joined user, and T is the amount of time you wish to keep those lines in the buffer in seconds.

This example holds the last 10 lines for the next 30 seconds:

MODE #channel +H 10:30

If nothing is said after those 30 seconds, the buffer will be emptied.

Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
This module adds no extra commands.
Special Notes
This module is hard-coded to cap the maximum number of lines at 50. This is because if the number was allowed to go any bigger and every channel on the network made use of m_chanhistory, it could result in your IRCd using unnecessary resources and ultimately slowing the IRCd down.