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connflood module (2.0 version)

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This module adds support for connection throttling. Connects will be throttled once the connections per second goes over a given threshold value.
Configuration Tags
With this module loaded, must define the following tag:
<connflood seconds="30" maxconns="3" timeout="30" quitmsg="Throttled" bootwait="10">

The meanings of these values are as follows:

  • maxconns - Amount of connections to accept before throttling occurs
  • seconds - Amount of seconds to let the maxconns value build up for, before flushing it back to zero, so in effect 'maxconns' connections within 'seconds' seconds triggers throttling
  • timeout - The amount of time to throttle connections for, if and when throttling is triggered. The value of 'seconds' is added to this value before it is used.
  • quitmsg - The reason to use when quitting clients which have been throttled on connect
  • bootwait - The amount of seconds to wait on booting before activating this module. This prevents the initial flood of clients on boot from accidentally triggering the module.
This module does not implement any extra user or channel modes.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
This module adds no extra commands.
Special Notes
This module monitors connections locally. For global protection of your network you must load this module on each server. For this reason, there are no settings for this module to detect netsplits as it will not attempt to throttle remote connections.