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remove module (2.0 version)

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This module allows channel ops (and +h, +a, +q) to forcepart users from the channel, the user leaves with a "Remove by XXX: Remove message" part message, and a server notice is sent to the channel so you can distinguish people parting with artificial "Remove by XXX" messages.

The forceparted user also gets a server notice telling them they were removed.

Configuration Tags
<remove supportnokicks="yes">

If this flag is set to true in the config file then m_remove will respect +Q ( and block /removes and /fparts when it is set.

This module does not implement any extra user or channel modes.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
/REMOVE <nick> <channel> [message]

Forceparts the user from the channel, requires halfops or higher.

/FPART <channel> <nick> [message]

This behaves identically to /REMOVE, the only difference is that that <channel> and <nick> parameters are switched around to match /KICK's syntax. Also, /REMOVE is a builtin mIRC command which caused trouble for some users.

Special Notes
When +haq are enabled, then you may forcepart anyone with a equal or lower 'level' than you, and if you are +a or +q you do not require +o to use /REMOVE.

For example:

UserA has modes +o
UserB has modes +oa (effectively +a)
UserC has modes +v
UserD has modes +q

In this example:

  • UserA can only forcepart UserC as they are the only user with the same or lower level.
  • UserB can forcepart UserA and UserC, UserB's +o is ignored, as +a is 'higher' than it.
  • UserC can forcepart nobody, you must be at least a halfop to forcepart a user.
  • UserD can forcepart anyone on the channel, even though he doesn't have ops.