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namesx module (2.1 version)

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This module extends the NAMES command to implement the NAMESX protocol enhancements (See the special notes section below for implementation details useful to client developers).
Configuration Tags
This module does not require any extra configuration, beyond the <module> tag to load it.
This module does not implement any extra user or channel modes.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
Extends the NAMES command to provide multi-prefix support. See the special notes below.
Special Notes
Listed here are the technical details of the NAMESX protocol extensions. The original text (cite codemastr) can be read on the forums for the klient IRC client.

" This is something we toyed around with [...] and never really implemented because we couldn't muster up client support. However, for some reason, x-chat 2.60 and mIRC 6.17 decided to add support for our spec even though we never even implemented it and to my knowledge no other server implements it. [...] it solves the long standing mode desync issue in IRC illustrated as follows:

  1. User1 joins
  2. User1 is set +ov
  3. User2 joins, sees @User1 in nick list
  4. User1 sets -o

From User1's perspective, it is +User1. However, User2 is unaware that User1 is voiced (the NAMES only showed @User1), so his nicklist just says User1.

The solution is to send all prefixes in NAMES, so it would show @+User1. Naturally, that would break clients that don't support it. To deal with this, there is a 005 token called NAMESX. This indicates that the server is capable of sending multiple prefixes. But we also need to know the client understands this. So to do this, upon receiving a 005 token of NAMESX the client sends back:


This tells the server that the client supports this feature and hence the extended NAMES reply will be used. If PROTOCTL NAMESX is not received, the server will just use the normal system. [...]

mIRC also does the same thing for 005 UHNAMES (and PROTOCTL UHNAMES) to indicate that it supports [email protected] in a NAMES reply. The idea is to eliminate the WHO request that clients send when first joining channels. As of yet, I know of no servers implementing this feature. "

Obviously, the part about knowing no servers implementing this feature is now invalid, as multiple servers support NAMESX.