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dccallow module (2.0 version)

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This module adds the /DCCALLOW command, which allows users to control who they can receive DCC requests from.
Configuration Tags
<dccallow blockchat="yes" length="5m" action="block">
  • blockchat: Whether to block DCC CHAT requests as well as DCC SEND requests.
  • length: Default length an entry on the DCCALLOW list will exist for until it expires (if no length is specified). A length of 0 means any new entry will not expire by default.
  • action: Default action to take when no action is explicitly defined. Can be one of: block or allow.
<banfile pattern="*.exe" action="block">
  • pattern: Glob pattern to match against filename.
  • action: Action to take for this pattern. Can be one of: block or allow.
This module does not implement any extra user or channel modes.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
/DCCALLOW [+|-] <nickname> <duration>
Add a nickname to, or delete a nickname from the DCCALLOW list
/DCCALLOW +Brain 10m

Add Brain to your DCCALLOW list for 10 minutes.


Remove Brain from your DCCALLOW list.

/DCCALLOW +Brain 0

Add Brain to your DCCALLOW list until you QUIT.


Add Brain to your DCCALLOW list for the default time specified in the config.


List the nicknames in the DCCALLOW list.

Special Notes