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helpop module (2.0 version)

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The Helpop module adds support for the /helpop command, which allows users to get help on IRCd commands.
Configuration Tags
With this module, the following tag is required in the config:
<include file="helpop.conf">

'file' is a full path to your helpop file (usually called helpop.conf). An example helpop file is in the inspircd docs directory, called 'helpop.conf.example' Every possible help topic is configured in the helpop.conf file, which contains a tag for each topic in the form:

<helpop key="moo" value="information about 
moo cows here">

Newlines are permitted in values, and will be changed to send multiple lines of output to the user.

USERMODE: +h -- Marks a user as available for help.
Extended Bans (Extbans)
This module implements no extended bans.
/helpop <text>
/helpop index

Index lists all available topics for help.

/helpop kill

This lists help on the kill topic.

Special Notes
The helpop file behaves like a normal InspIRCd config file, the tag name is the 'Entry', then it is preceded by several 'lines' (lineX in the file), each line is seperated and sent to the user as a single line. There are some reserved tags, these are:
  • start - This is the result received if no query is provided
  • nohelp - This is a standard 'No help found' message
  • index - This is reserved to list all available topics.

An example of a helpop text file tag:

<helpop key="vhost" value="/VHOST [username] [password]
Authenticate for a vhost.">