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Important Need Update - This page needs to be revised. Information posted here has been viewed as incorrect, incomplete, or obsolete. Anyone is welcome to correct these flaws if this page has not been "protected". Otherwise, contact a Docs Team member and let them know.
For every release, the QA team must test the following:
  • Does the ircd run? Can you connect to it?
  • Try /privmsging channels. Try /noticing.
  • Try using all the channel modes. Do they all work properly?
  • How much memory is the ircd using? Is it abnormal? How about cpu usage?
  • Have the ircd link to another server first using non-ssl then continue using ssl. Does it link properly? Is it properly synced? Try auto-connect.
  • Try splitting the servers. Do the hidesplits work when option is on? Turn them off and make sure it shows splits. Same with hidebans.
  • Try glineing users. Try gline *@*. Same with zline,kline and qline. See if it works correctly.
  • Try zip linking the servers. Does that work properly?
  • Carefully check for desyncs by linking and delinking many servers. Give some users ops, some voices so that is simular to a regular network.
  • Use special programs to generate traffic on the servers. One will be distributed soon to the qa team that will allow us to test this easily.
    • Use a program that links directly then use a program that connects real clients
    • Does the ircd crash? Test the scalability
    • With these programs that generate traffic, try creating a new channel for each new client.
  • Use modules that people don't normally use. Try them, see if they work correctly.
  • Try /restart . Does it start back up?
  • Try /die . Does it actually shutdown?
  • Try doing wallops
  • Try using ipv6. Try link ipv6 server to an ipv4 server. Does everything work properly?
  • Try joining a non-existing non prefixed channel. Does it let you join it (it shouldn't). Try sajoining a user there.
  • Make sure openssl AND gnutls is tested
  • Try using wildcards to send a global message
  • Try using remote /modules
  • Make sure channel is hidden with modes +s or +p
  • Make sure it compiles on win32 correctly, and runs
  • Check for any warning in the compile process and report them
  • Make sure /stats information is accurate and working