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Important Need Update - This page needs to be revised. Information posted here has been viewed as incorrect, incomplete, or obsolete. Anyone is welcome to correct these flaws if this page has not been "protected". Otherwise, contact a Docs Team member and let them know.
So you want to be an InspIRCd Quality Assurance Team Member...
Read the information below, and follow the instructions. Once done please submit the application to eggy (at) theeggman (dot) net. Thank you for your interest in becoming an InspIRCd QA Team Member.

The InspIRCd Quality Assurance team is headed by three individuals, w00t, Bricker and MacGyver. The team consists of many people from various backgrounds to ensure that the InspIRCd releases are stable for the users and developers. InspIRCd is an elite team that no other IRCd project has seen before. Testing a piece of software with the size and complexity of InspIRCd is no trivial task. To make sure that the team can operate effectively and efficiently, we expect some basic knowledge of InspIRCd and related skills. We would also like to know a bit about yourself. Therefore, please fill out the following application if you want to join our team.


Have you ever had any experience in testing IRC daemons before? Yes | No (If Yes, Explain):

Have you ever been on a structured Quality Assurance team before? Yes | No (If Yes, Explain):

How much time would you be able to donate to testing for InspIRCd if you were picked?:

Are you able to work well with others? This includes but is not limited to, other QA's, Developers,
Support and Doc writers, and users. Yes | No (If Yes or No, Explain):

==General Knowledge Questions==

If a daemon process becomes non-responsive in *nix, how would you end it?

What does an inspircd module do, (what does it mean)?

What module do you need to have loaded to allow other servers to connect to each other?

What modules are required for SSL communications (Servers and Clients)?