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Important Need Update - This page needs to be revised. Information posted here has been viewed as incorrect, incomplete, or obsolete. Anyone is welcome to correct these flaws if this page has not been "protected". Otherwise, contact a Docs Team member and let them know.
General Setup
This page was created to list the steps that QA members should take to setup and test their InspIRCd builds. So far we have 3 sections on this page devoted to 3 types of operating systems: POSIX, Windows, and BSD systems. Each section will describe how to make the build specifically for the general user so that the QA members can test the widest possible usage for someone who downloads InspIRCd. If anyone has an idea for more setup instructions that should be added, please contact a Docs Team member or a Quality Assurance team member. ^.^

POSIX Operating Systems

The basic setup instruction for setting up an InspIRCd test server to link to the testnet are as follows:

  • Checkout latest SVN trunk.
  • ./configure (exact configuration options to be determined.)
  • Make with debug symbols by issuing the command "make debug"
  • Install with "make install"
  • Now, make sure the user that runs InspIRCd is allowed to create core dumps by editing /etc/security/limits.conf (most linux systems)
  • If you want to change the coredump naming template, or the directory coredumps end up in, edit /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern (most linux systems)
  • Update your configuration. See QA/Configs.
  • Run.

This section will be updated with more detailed info later.

Windows Operating Systems (Versions <Peavey, say which version of Windows it works on here!>)
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BSD Operating Systems (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, BSD....)
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