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Important Need Update - This page needs to be revised. Information posted here has been viewed as incorrect, incomplete, or obsolete. Anyone is welcome to correct these flaws if this page has not been "protected". Otherwise, contact a Docs Team member and let them know.
QA Management
  • eggy (a.k.a. eggie) - Leads the InspIRCd QA Team together with w00t and supposedly knows a bit about QAing.
  • w00t - Leads the InspIRCd QA Team together with Eggy. As one of the lead developers of InspIRCd he knows what it should and shouldn't do. No nagging him, though!
  • MacGyver - CTO of QA. He thinks up tests, schedules for testing and tells the Team when something needs to be done.
QA Team
  • danieldg - Runs the only IPv6 server we have right now. Don't scare him away, since that'll mean IPv6 will remain untested!
  • jackmcbarn
  • Kate
  • IronLegend - Runs the windows server on the testnet (well, once he gets it to run). Don't scare him away either.
Inactive Members / State Unknown
  • owine - Former Leader of the InspIRCd QA Testing.
  • Dmb - A linux tester, testing mostly on debian with ipv6, and also working on maintaining a debian package of inspircd.
  • satmd
  • Spazzles