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Amusing Quotes from the InspIRCd Community


This is from November, months from the April Fool's post about m_saconnect.

15:58 < Routers> guys
15:58 < Routers> what about saconnect ?
15:58 < Routers> is it available ?
15:58 < ElementalAlchemist> XD
15:58 <@Namegduf> Yeah, just keep hunting around
15:58 <@Namegduf> You'll find the download link eventually.
15:58 < Routers> i did
15:59 < Routers> and try to install the modules
15:59 < Routers> but error
16:00 <@Namegduf> You must have gotten a bad copy, try to find the good link.
16:01 < Routers> clue plss
16:02 -!- Sm0ke0ut [[email protected]] has quit [Client closed the connection]
16:02 <@Namegduf> It has something to do with the numbers 1 and 4.
16:02 -!- Sm0ke0ut [[email protected]] has joined #inspircd
16:02 -!- mode/#inspircd [+v Sm0ke0ut] by ChanServ
16:02 < Routers> 1 n 4 ?
16:03 -!- k1ng [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
16:03 <@Namegduf> Yes.
16:03 < Routers> no idea
16:03 < Sporks> I don't know either!
16:03 < Routers> :)
16:03 <@Namegduf> Keep looking.
16:03 <@Namegduf> There's a clue in the post.
16:04 < Routers> post ?
16:04 < Sporks> post is for actions which change the server... I think
16:04 <&jackmcbarn> the post that told you about it
16:05 < Routers> grr...
QA distrusting devs
 <PostBot> InspIRCd: w00t * r10770 (trunk/inspircd/src/modules/m_spanningtree/opertype.cpp trunk/inspircd/src/snomasks.cpp): Add REMOTEOPER snomask.. use it. 
 <MacGyver> Now there's something we need the testnet for...
 <w00t> which what?
 <MacGyver> Remoteoper snomask.
 <MacGyver> Won't trigger if it's local, is it?
 * jackmcbarn updates
 <w00t> fft, you don't trust me :<
 <w00t> (but yes)
 <MacGyver> I was thinking of testing it on my production, but then I realized that that's absolutely no use :P
 <w00t> haha
 <w00t> i'm already rebuilt
 <MacGyver> No fair.
 <w00t> oh oops
 <w00t> typo
 <w00t> get ready to re-rebuild
 <w00t> boy is my face red
 <MacGyver> <w00t> fft, you don't trust me :< <-- Yes, I trust you.
 <MacGyver> But as you can see...
 <w00t> yes, yes
 <w00t> it *had* to happen
 <jackmcbarn/insp2> :p
 <MacGyver> Trust doesn't produce bugfree code :P
 <w00t> RIGHT after I say that
 <w00t> :P
Crashing GDB
 <ol> I rule
 <ol> gdb crashed :p
 <Brain> did you get a backtrace?
I work for the RFC!
 <[Rav3n]> sup my homies
 <Laptopxptek> what?
 <[Rav3n]> i said sup
 <Laptopxptek> Oh my
 <Laptopxptek> And then I said what?
 <Laptopxptek> etc.
 <[Rav3n]> i wanna use this ircd but i dont have the right gcc
 <Laptopxptek> Then get the right gcc?
 <ol> then upgrade
 <[Rav3n]> i cant it freezes lol
 <[Rav3n]> question
 <Sporks> hmmm... question is how are they connected
 <[Rav3n]> does this ircd allow color vhosts?
 <Laptopxptek> LOL
 <Laptopxptek> No
 <[Rav3n]> why not
 <Laptopxptek> Oh man..
 <Laptopxptek> Because it violates the RFC?
 <[Rav3n]> does not
 <Laptopxptek> Yeah, it does.
 <[Rav3n]> does not
 <Laptopxptek> Do you even know what an RFC is?
 <[Rav3n]> I work for them lol
 * Laptopxptek shakes head
 <Laptopxptek> [Rav3n]: PM
 <LaptopBrain> it voilates the dns rfc
 <LaptopBrain> not just the irc rfc
 <LaptopBrain> a hostname cant contain those characters
 <Laptopxptek> LaptopBrain: He works for them!
 <LaptopBrain> lol
 <LaptopBrain> how do you work for a request for comments?
 <LaptopBrain> :P
 <LaptopBrain> i think what [Rav3n] meant though is he works for some nub who wants colour vhosts?
 <[Rav3n]> okay cost urself ur 1000 user network
 <[Rav3n]> good day
 <-- [Rav3n] has quit ([CS] Quit: ProjectX :: http://www.projectx.mx.dk/)
 <Laptopxptek> lmao
 <LaptopBrain> oh wait
 <LaptopBrain> thats me caring
 <LaptopBrain> :P
 <LaptopBrain> lol
 <Laptopxptek> So when's he stealing the network?
 <Laptopxptek> Or whatever
 <Laptopxptek> Silly Canadians
 <LaptopBrain> he'll be too embarrased to come back here ever
 <LaptopBrain> 'i work for them'...wtf
Om's sexy taste in music
<Om> np?
<Sporks> i guess np is Aqua - Dr Jones; ATB - 9PM Till I Come; 
         Timmy Mallet - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini;
         Agga Doo Doo Doo; Hammond - Hammond Organ Recital #1;
         Dame Vera Lynn; Geoff Minters Camel Marching Band Music
Spammer gets caught with his pants down
<+SubNet> w00t
<+SubNet> just added myself
<&w00t> SubNet: :-)
<&w00t> ..UKChatZone..
<&w00t> [22:09:24] <+TheMortalX> looking for new users and staff @ irc.ukchatzone.org
<&w00t> [22:09:24] <+TheMortalX> looking for new users and staff @ irc.ukchatzone.org
<&w00t> [22:09:25] <+TheMortalX> looking for new users and staff @ irc.ukchatzone.org
<&w00t> I knew that rang a bell
<+AnMaster> w00t, spammers?
<+SubNet> yeh ive already sorted that :P
<&w00t> SubNet, he was an idiot running unreal?
<&w00t> just out of curiosity
<+SubNet> and thats linked with my ddos attacks
<+SubNet> brb
* +SubNet ([email protected]) Quit (EOF from client)
<&w00t> hmm!
<&w00t> HAH
<&w00t> nice ident
May the truth be known!
<Brain> for every person that realizes ident is a sham, there will be 5 morons that wish insp had it
I'm new to this linux malarkey.
<bobster89> Ok holdup
<Ib> ...seriously, if you cant figure out putty, how do you expect to set up a ircd..?
<bobster89> Connection Refused
* Ib is kinda curious
I'm lost, can you help me find my server?
<click> bobster: do you know how irc works, at all? :P
<owine> its not hard to get into the shell
<bobster89> well i dont know my host name
How do I turn it back on?
* bobster89 ([email protected]) has joined #inspircd
* ChanServ sets mode: +v bobster89
<+bobster89> hey
<+bobster89> i need urget help
<+bobster89> my server is getting ddosed
<+bobster89> then my friend said he turnded it off
<+bobster89> until the attacks stop
<+bobster89> how to i turn it back on
Please help me be leet!
<yazer> so can anyone help?
<Zaba> we can't help you to become a leet irc cop
<yazer> kk thanks bye
<-- yazer has quit (EOF from client)
Just how incompetant do they..?
<&peavey> good, because claiming unreal is easier to configure than inspircd just got me worried for your mental health
<&peavey> you DO know how to start anope in -support mode right?
<&peavey> hint: -support
<chachin> nope dont remeber how
<&peavey> I just told you
<Murarth> Just out of curiosity, how incompetent does a person have to be to not get help around here?
<&peavey> Murarth: since we support windows I guess there is no lower boundary ;p