Shell Host Compatibility

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This page lists shell providers known to work and not to work with InspIRCd. Where a shell provider does not work correctly with InspIRCd, the reasons why are listed, so that the issue can be resolved by the shell hosting company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The lack of a listing of a service here does not indicate that the shell host does/does not support InspIRCd. It simply means that we have not yet received any information. If you know of any other hosts that work please contact us on IRC.

* Dirty IP addresses are those previously targetted by botnets. You may experience bot problems if you start an ircd on a 'dirty' IP.

Working shell providers

Non-working shell providers

  • 1&1 shared hosting (Debian server: GCC is only 2.95, perl is only 5.6.1. Looks like nothing has been updated at all since 2001)

Mixed bag

  • DarkStar LLC (Reported working on the 'sponde' and 'himalia' servers only)

Not Recommended