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Installing InspIRCd Through the OpenSuSE build service

As of November 2006, SuSE Linux users can install InspIRCd via the OpenSuSE build service. To install it, follow the instructions below:


Start off by downloading the RPM file for your architecture. You can obtain the RPM from -- be sure to download the right one for your architecture and OS version.


To install the RPM you just downloaded, type the rpm command, as follows:

rpm -Uhv <packagename>

Where packagename is the name of the package you obtained from the OpenSuSE repository.

Version of InspIRCd in the RPM

The version of OpenSuSE 12.1 InspIRCd RPM is: 1.2.8 (14/11/11)

Differences between the SuSE installed InspIRCd and a tarball installed InspIRCd

Locations of files in the SuSE RPM installation

In the SuSE RPM installation of InspIRCd, the locations of files are as follows:

  • Configuration: /etc/inspircd