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My User Boxes
HAI2U This user prefers NOT to speak nublet.

Heart This user likes BRAAAAIIIIINNNSS.
Perl Camel This user is an expert
Perl programmer.
C++ This user is a fluent C++ programmer.
Majic This user is not Majic.

This user is also not
Trystan from Denora.
NOT Denora.jpg
Brain is responsible for maintaining the main InspIRCd package including the core and many of the standard modules, and he develops a lot of the modules, and does most of the bug fixes. Brain is also involved with many other projects such as the WinBot IRC Bot, Botnix IRC Bot, IRC Defender, The Seven Spells Of Destruction and The ChatSpike IRC network. Despite rumors to the contrary, Brain can create code which does not come with free bugs Tongue.gif. Brain also likes to mess with Majic's templates, even when Majic spent hours trying to get wording right. Even after Majic specifically reverted edits of others for messing with the wording. Brain also has an extra nose but you'll be hard-pressed to find out where.. usually this closely-gaurded secret is reserved for those who continue on to become InspIRCd developers.  :o)