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Important:  The GUI is not included with current Windows build of 2.0
Instead, it installs a Windows service which you can use to manage InspIRCd.

InspIRCd's graphical interface on windows is a seperate program, which communicates with the server program over windows IPC. This allows you to close the InspIRCd Monitor program to save ram, but keep the server itself running. It also allows you to control other servers on the windows domain.

Using the Windows GUI for InspIRCd (InspIRCd Monitor)

The Main Window

From the main window of the InspIRCd Monitor, you can start, stop, rehash and restart InspIRCd. You can send stop, rehash and restart signals to remote servers on the windows domain, where you have access rights to the servers you are sending the signals to.


When the window is closed, it will minimize to your system tray, and continue to monitor the performance of your server. By double clicking the system tray icon, you can bring the window back into focus.

Dealing with startup errors

When you attempt to start InspIRCd from the Windows GUI, any errors will be reported back to you in the log window. The last few lines of the log will be shown and the GUI will offer to open the configuration file for you. Note that for this to succeed you must have an editor associated with .conf files.

Gui error.png

A successful startup will contain a message such as the one at the bottom of the log window in the image below:

Gui started.png

The System Tray Icon

The system tray icon notifies you of various events on your server. While the monitor is running, the system tray can keep you informed. Note that the graphical interface for InspIRCd is a seperate program to the ircd itself, and therefore does not need to be running if you do not require it.

Gui systray.png

Process Names

InspIRCd on Windows operates as seperate GUI and daemon processes. This allows you to exit the GUI while leaving the daemon running, and also to use various tools to install the daemon part as a service. The processes are named as follows:

  • inspircd.exe: Daemon process
  • InspGUI.exe: GUI process