Windows Installation

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Important Need Update - This page needs to be revised. Information posted here has been viewed as incorrect, incomplete, or obsolete. Anyone is welcome to correct these flaws if this page has not been "protected". Otherwise, contact a Docs Team member and let them know.

Installing InspIRCd on Windows via the installer

InspIRCd will install natively on Windows. This guide assumes you are using the install package, and not building from source.

To install InspIRCd, first double click the InspIRCd installer icon:


Step One: Welcome screen


Just click next here. Tongue.gif

Step Two: License agreement


The license is GPL version 2, just click next again, you aren't signing away your first-born or eternal soul.

Step Three: Choose install location


The default path should do, change it if you want.

Step Four: Choose install components


Leaving this as default is recommended. You can cut down the install size by not installing modules.

Locations of files in the Windows installation

In the windows installation of InspIRCd, the locations of files are as follows:

  • Core system: C:\Program Files\InspIRCd
  • Core shared objects (DLL files): C:\Program Files\InspIRCd\bin.
  • Modules: C:\Program Files\InspIRCd\modules.
  • Conf Files: C:\Program Files\InspIRCd\conf.