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Channel Rules

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As with most IRC channels, the IRC support channel has rules. These rules are as follows:

  • The channel is for support and discussion of InspIRCd. We will not enter into arguments about which IRCd is better than another, or which IRC services.
  • We are here to contribute to the project in some way. Do not engage in flaming and arguments over such things as coding style, talents and skill levels, or the correct programming language for writing an IRC daemon.
  • Constructive criticism directly related to InspIRCd or an add-on of InspIRCd is welcomed. By constructive this means you must give recommendations of how it should be improved. Do some research before speaking.
  • If you find a bug PLEASE report it to the Bugtracker, and NOT to the channel, this makes them much easier to manage.
  • Outright bashing of people, programs, and ideas without a reasoned argument (e.g. just "Its crap.") is frowned upon and makes you look an idiot.
  • Not having read the manual is not a valid reason for needing help. RTFM, please, thanks.
  • Please use a "pastebin" site for displaying configs or logs or code relevant to your inquiry, if the material is over 3 lines in length: DPaste, InspIRCd's Pastebin, Pastie, or even the venerable Codepad
  • Don't annoy people, ops or otherwise. Its simply not nice.
  • We do not support mIRC. We do not support X-Chat. We do not support any other client, its scripts, or its peculiarities. Actually, we don't support anything except InspIRCd.
  • We can't help you become an "IRC cop" (or an IRC Op for that matter...)
  • We cannot and will not support anyone who modifies the core of InspIRCd (e.g. anything outside the src/modules/ directory) - we give you an API and document it for a reason, please stick to it.
  • No stupid scripts please (e.g. l33tsp33k-converters, 'thanks for the op' scripts, etc)
  • If your system does not meet the minimum System Requirements we recommend on this wiki, we will not support you. You can try and run it there, but we wont help you do it.
  • Idlers are welcome on #InspIRCd. Helpful people are even more welcome!