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Coding Guidelines

From the makers of InspIRCd.
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InspIRCd Coding Guidelines

The following are a set of guidelines for writing patches to InspIRCd, or for creating modules for distribution with the official package. These guidelines were written a time after InspIRCd development started, and so not all code yet follows these. This will be rectified with time.


Multi Line

Multiple line comments should follow the C-style comment, for example:

 * This is a multiple line comment, huzzah..

Single Line

Single line comments should also be in the C style, for example:

/* This is a boring one-line comment */


Tabs. Tabs. ONLY TABS. Use a single tab for each level of indentation, for example:

int main()
<tab>if (condition)


Always put a space in between a keyword like if/while and the condition, for example:

if (foo == bar)


if(foo == bar)


Always put braces opening and closing blocks on separate lines, see the identation example.