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Coding Guidelines

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InspIRCd Coding Guidelines

The following are a set of guidelines for writing patches to InspIRCd, or for creating modules for distribution with the official package. These guidelines were written a time after InspIRCd development started, and so not all code yet follows these. This will be rectified with time.


Multi Line

Multiple line comments should follow the C-style comment, for example:

 * This is a multiple line comment, huzzah..

Single Line

Single line comments should also be in the C style, for example:

/* This is a boring one-line comment */

Doxygen commenting

If you wish your comment to show in doxygen, the comment should be directly above the item you are documenting (a class, function, enum, etc) and the first line should be "/**". For example:

/** This is a doxygen multiline comment.
 * Description of thingymebob here.

The first line after the "**" is used as the short description of the item (up to the full stop) and everything afterwards as the detailed description.


Tabs. Tabs. ONLY TABS. Use a single tab for each level of indentation, for example:

int main()
<tab>if (condition)


Always put a space in between a keyword like if/while and the condition, for example:

if (foo == bar)


if(foo == bar)


Always put braces opening and closing blocks on separate lines, see the identation example.