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Compiler Racing

From the makers of InspIRCd.
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Just for kicks, we've been trying to make InspIRCd compile faster and faster, not by altering the makefiles, but by trying to find faster and faster boxes to compile it on.

If you can beat any of our records listed here, then please get in touch with us on IRC, or update this page with your stats. You must compile InspIRCd from clean, using SVN trunk, with both SSL modules enabled. The time of the compilation step only ('make') and not the install step ('make install') should be timed.

Current 'world record' time:

1 Minute 7 Seconds on a dual xeon 3.0ghz with hyperthreading enabled, 2Gb RAM (Linux)

Other interesting (short, or long) compile times:

35 Minutes, 10 Seconds on a Pentium 1, 133Mhz with 32Mb ram (FreeBSD)