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Concept and Introduction

From the makers of InspIRCd.
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InspIRCd is a project created to provide a stable IRCd which provides a vast number of features in a modularized form. By keeping the functionality of the main core to a minimum, yet providing a highly featured module API, we hope to increase the stability and speed of our project and make it customizable to the needs of many users. InspIRCd is released to the public domain under GPL so that you may benefit from our work. The project is written from scratch, avoiding the inherent instability and security problems found in many other more "heavyweight" IRCd distributions.

The core of InspIRCd matches the original RFC (specifications for irc) as closely as possible, while modules allow you to bend or break these rules. If you don't want to bend and break the rules, simply do not load modules. If on the other hand you DO want spangly bits, and lots and lots of interesting user and channel modes for your network, load the modules you require. An InspIRCd server with no modules at all closely matches ircd2.8, ircd-ratbox, or hybrid in terms of functionality, whereas an InspIRCd with many modules can be equivalent in behaviour to Unreal, ircu, Ultimate, etc.