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Core Coding


Brain is responsible for maintaining the main InspIRCd package including the core and many of the standard modules, and he develops a lot of the modules, and does most of the bug fixes. Brain is also involved with many other projects such as the WinBot IRC Bot, Botnix IRC Bot, IRC Defender, The Seven Spells Of Destruction and The ChatSpike IRC network. Despite rumors to the contrary, Brain can create code which does not come with free bugs Tongue.gif. In recent years, Brain has been involved in two books regarding IRC and online security, "Securing P2P and IM Applications for the Enterprise" (ISBN 1-59749-017-2) and "Emerging Threat Analysis" (ISBN 1-59749-056-3).


Along with Brain, Frosty was one of the original InspIRCd founders. He created this websites design and helped put together the original wiki / bug tracker and forums. Inside InspIRCd, Frosty created the original cygwin based Win32 build process and UI, he created some modules and worked on the core along with Brain and created the original perl ./configure script. Although Frosty has unfortunately been inactive over the last few years and very little of his original code remains in InspIRCd, you'll still find some of the principles laid forth at the beginning inside InspIRCd.


w00t started off with a lot of testing and discussion about early features and ideas, and also provided the first real documentation which is the basis of the initial text on this wiki. After working on a number of modules and patches, w00t gained SVN access, leading to a more central role in the development of InspIRCd.


Om was developing third-party modules for many months (if not years) before he was given full access at the start of 2006. Om is responsible for the GnuTLS and OpenSSL SSL modules which are available for use in InspIRCd, they are the first ever successful attempt at modulizing SSL support in any irc daemon.


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Special primarily does bugfixes, improves the module API, and creates new modules. He's also special.


peavey started off by being chatty, and patching stuff. After throwing patch after patch at us (and they hurt!) we eventually gave him the ability to make changes himself. In the past, peavey has mostly been involved in various commercial projects and in running on undernet since 1998.


psychon first started submitting patches and was then asked to be a dev. He focuses mainly on bugs, since they always happen to him.

Code Contributors


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typo has created several modules, generally oper related. He is also an 'ideas' kinda guy.


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LeaChim contributed a patch to enable +qa prefixes in 1.1, plus many suggestions and bug reports.


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satmd contributed the m_dnsbl module to InspIRCd 1.0, which was later ported to work with InspIRCd 1.1. satmd is a dedicated member of the irc-security mailing list, and coordinates a linux user group. He was the first to isolate and analyze the SHV5 rootkit and submit it for inclusion into security software.


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BuildSmart contributed a patchset for both 1.0 and 1.1 which allows InspIRCd to compile and run on Mac OS X.

Quality Assurance

The people below are members of the Official InspIRCd QA Team. These people have devoted time to ensuring that the releases will be bug free along with the help of other testers which are below. Thank you to everyone who for your help, we really appreciate it. A special note to users: InspIRCd QA is now in control of w00t, one of the InspIRCd Developers and will remain so indefenitly to ensure the program is being ran properly, efficiently, and most of all, timely.


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Eggy was doing QA work off and on before the creation of the official QA Team, its not clear when he became a member of the team officially it just sort of "happened one day" Tongue.gif He has shown a lot of experience with Quality Assurance as he does it professionally, and he helps by formely heading up the "division" with Bricker but still assists.


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dmb was the second QA member and brings to the table one of the most important parts in IPv6 Server. Without him, it would be nearly impossible to officially test IPv6 bugs & features. He also helps with IPv4 Tongue.gif


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Owine was one of our newest QA Lead's and has been with the team from the beginning. He is a great contributor and a hard worker.

Other members of the QA team

  • satmd
  • spaz
  • Others May Not Be Mentioned

Documentation Team


The people below have been involved in testing over the duration of development, without their combined effort, InspIRCd would surely have been a failure. Thanks Tongue.gif

  • Adremelech
  • AnMaster
  • CC
  • jilles
  • BR (ircnet)
  • Lauren
  • Piggles
  • a|KK|y
  • Hart
  • RageD
  • [ed]
  • Azhrarn
  • Luigiman
  • TerMight
  • MacGyver
  • Stealth
  • alamar
  • b4
  • captain_tjon
  • CyberBotX
  • dz
  • Indigophone
  • IronLegend
  • Jackmcbarn
  • Jason
  • NthDegree
  • ScrollLock
  • Sindacious
  • SmallR2003
  • Southen
  • TamCore
  • ThunderHacker
  • TwoFish
  • Unreal
  • Chu
  • aquanight
  • Rob
  • angelic
  • xptek
  • Grantlinks
  • mechanik
  • epinephrine
  • Nazzy
  • PinkFreud
  • Alex_D00m
  • Sakkath
  • Beer
  • eLement
  • Aleksi
  • Ankit
  • Brodey
  • Bryan
  • Doc
  • Excal
  • haltdef
  • Heero
  • HiroP
  • Kraln
  • Mage
  • mixx941
  • mrmonday
  • mnmnk
  • Sm0ke0ut
  • Switch
  • wwared
  • yell0w
  • Zaba
  • Werdna

Other People

  • Boo - Official Brain groupie and sweet person
  • Zathman - Name Concept
  • RD (RandomDan) - Help with some early C++ concepts
  • Raider - Help with some early C++ concepts
  • The developers of ratbox, charybdis and bahamut - Help with some more esoteric ircd concepts
  • Andrew Church - Contribution of several patches and official support in IRCServices 5.1
  • Burlex - Initial windows patch for 1.1
  • nenolod - Many patches and ongoing support for InspIRCd in Conspire/Atheme