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From the makers of InspIRCd.
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The following are features of InspIRCd:

  • Clean, simple codebase.
  • Object oriented C++ design.
  • Modular design from the ground up, with full module API
  • Almost every feature "plug and play" capable. Add and remove features at will.
  • Extensive user-centric testing.
  • 100% RFC compliant, but can be extended outside the RFC through the use of modules.
  • Fully reloadable commands, allows hotfixes to be produced which cut down on the number of ircd restarts
  • Modular SSL support, supporting GnuTLS and OpenSSL libraries
  • Modular nonblocking SQL support, supporting PosgreSQL and MySQL
  • Practically everything a configuration option - practically no need to rebuild or reboot your servers to enable a feature
  • Support for IPV4 and IPV6 networking