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Gentoo Portage Installation

From the makers of InspIRCd.
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Installing InspIRCd Through Gentoo Portage

Gentoo Linux users can install InspIRCd via Gentoo Portage (the Gentoo package management system). It is unmasked and installable without performing any special actions beforehand.

To install InspIRCd through portage, simply issue the following command:

emerge inspircd

Differences between the Portage installed InspIRCd and a tarball installed InspIRCd

  • The tarball install installs InspIRCd locally under your username. the Portage install installs InspIRCd globally, however it runs the program under a user called 'inspircd'. Portage installs the files owned by root.
  • The tarball install places your configuration files under (PREFIX)/conf, where (PREFIX) is usually in the form /home/username/inspircd. The Portage install instead places your configuration files under /etc/inspircd.

Making InspIRCd run on startup

Execute the following command as root:

# rc-update add inspircd default

To start InspIRCd at any other time, run this command as root:

# /etc/init.d/inspircd start

And to stop it:

# /etc/init.d/inspircd stop

Locations of files in the Portage installation

In the Portage installation of InspIRCd, the locations of files are as follows:

  • Core system: /usr/bin/inspircd
  • Core shared objects: /usr/lib/inspircd
  • Modules: /usr/lib/inspircd/modules
  • Configuration: /etc/inspircd

Gentoo ebuild Information