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This module is designed to give several new modes for use with services packages. It varies from the m_services module in that instead of representing identified users with umode +r, it represents logged in users with an account name (AC), which is similar in operation to ircu based ircds such as asuka. A services package which supports m_services_account may set an account name on a user, in which case that account name remains until they disconnect, or log out.

Config Tags


Additional Modes

User Mode: +R - Users require usermode +r to PRIVMSG this nickname.
Chan Mode: +R - Only users who are identified to a user account may join the channel.
Chan Mode: +M - May join the channel, but require identifying to a user account to speak.

Additional Commands


Special Notes

This works in an identical manner to ircu, in that the account name stays with the user even if they change nicks, unlike m_services umode +r which the server will remove if the user changes their nick. When a user with an account name attached to them is WHOISed, the following numeric will be sent to represent their logged in status: 330 w00t w00t w00t :is logged in as

This is identical to ircu-based ircds.

For services packages to support this feature, they must send METADATA to the network of type 'accountname' (See the protocol docs). Currently, only one package, Atheme, supports this feature.