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InspIRCd Quality Assurance Information Page

QA, or the InspIRCd "Quality Assurance" testing group, is devoted to the usability and dependability of InspIRCd and it's modules. This group was formerly led by Bricker & eggy, now ran by w00t, and actively tests the InspIRCd software. QA's job is to do usability tests on InspIRCd that include but are not limited to: General Usage Tests, Module Tests, IRCd Services Tests, Stress Tests, and Bug Tests. It's their job to make sure the developers of InspIRCd are catering to the needs of the general public, as well as keeping the software as stable as possible.

Quality Assurance Member Links

The InspIRCd Quality Assurance Team is an elite team of many different volunteers from so many different backgrounds. This teams devotion is unparalleled by any other IRCd testing team and will continue to grow and adapt to various situations that will ensure the quality of the InspIRCd project, both for its users and the developers. Never before has an IRCd project seen this type of structured, yet flexible environment and if you want to join a team that is friendly, supportive of each other, knowledgeable and courteous to anyone it comes in contact with, then let us know. Register on the forums, and from your User CP (Control Panel) request to be a QA Team Member. We hope that you will come join our team and bring a new aspect that all of us could benefit from; and then you too, can call yourself, an InspIRCd QA Team Member.