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*[ ShellFusion]
*[ ShellFusion]
*[ Lomag]
*[ Lomag]
*[ BitTraffic]
*[ Alcatraz Media] <font color="red">''* Dirty *''</font>
*[ Alcatraz Media] <font color="red">''* Dirty *''</font>

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This page lists shell providers known to work and not to work with InspIRCd. Where a shell provider does not work correctly with InspIRCd, the reasons why are listed, so that the issue can be resolved by the shell hosting company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The lack of a listing of a service here does not indicate that the shell host does/does not support InspIRCd. It simply means that we have not yet received any information. Feel free to edit this page with shell hosts you have tested. Do not include dedicated or co-located servers.

* Dirty IP addresses are those previously targetted by botnets. You may experience bot problems if you start an ircd on a 'dirty' IP.

Working shell providers

Non-working shell providers

  • 1&1 shared hosting (Debian server: GCC is only 2.95, perl is only 5.6.1. Looks like nothing has been updated at all since 2001)

Mixed bag

  • DarkStar LLC (Reported working on the 'sponde' and 'himalia' servers only)

Not Recommended