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Supported Third Party Software

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The following pieces of third party software are currently known to work with InspIRCd (some require modules, which can be found on our site, in our SVN repository or in the product's tarball):

Anope IRC Services

To use Anope with InspIRCd you will require SVN version of the Protocol Module along with version 1.7.18 of Anope for InspIRCd 1.1 (or svn) or above, or 1.7.12 and above for InspIRCd 1.0. Everything is supported in the current verison of the module. The Anope module is included in Anope itself, and no other module should currently be used for InspIRCd.

IRC Services

To use IRCServices with InspIRCd you require version 5.0.56 or above of ircservices, and InspIRCd Beta 6 or greater. The module required is available from our site by clicking the SVN link in the page header above.

NB: As of irc services 5.1a5, InspIRCd is supported directly by IRCServices, which means that our own inspircd.c file is optional, and already included as part of the ircservices tarball. You should only use our own version of the module in 5.1 if you are having problems with the one bundled with ircservices.

Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor

To use BOPM with InspIRCd you must be running InspIRCd Alpha 12 or greater and BOPM 3.x or above. No extra modules are required but specific configuration is needed.

IRC Defender

To use IRC Defender with InspIRCd you require the SVN Version of IRC Defender, and InspIRCd 1.1.0 or above. The module required for operation of IRC Defender is included with IRC Defender.

Atheme IRC Services

To use Atheme you need the trunk version of 0.3 (or newer), available from, and InspIRCd 1.0 beta 6 or above. InspIRCd 1.1.x is supported and preferred. The modules required for InspIRCd are included in Atheme as and

Denora IRC Statistics

To use Denora with InspIRCd, you need the trunk version of Denora, version 1.2.0 (or newer) available from and InspIRCd 1.0 beta 6 or above. The modules required are included with Denora.


Very little is known to us about this software, except for that it supports InspIRCd 1.1. It appears to be a security service for IRC networks, similar to Defender.


Ecks is an undernet-like services package written in Java. It supports InspIRCd 'out of the box'. for more information please see the website.

Unofficial modules by Special

Some unofficial modules for InspIRCd written or maintained by Special

Other Software

If you find other software which works with InspIRCd please let us know and provide information on how it is done, so that we can update this list.