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I thought I should ask here. A strange thing I`ve discoverd is that when I try to log on to the server it sometimes does stop at "ident" and/looking up hostname.And if I let that one just stand there trying,without getting nowhere and start an second try in another client,he allows that second one..I did get it to work good once,but had to restart it, and then it started again.Now I`ve tried and tried to reinstall it,but no luck..So if I`m the stupid here let me know what made me stupid... The only thing I could try is not to "make install" but use "make" alone.. But why could that have anything to say,,,? Since it has worked,but even the first installation does have have this problem.. And I just wanted you to know,or if you know what I do wrong let me know. Hope this was a good feedback,and just so you know it: when the server did work,I like it very much.A good and understanding .conf file.This is really good work.